Barbara Weissman

Barbara is the President of Omni Managed Health, Inc. and The Omni Companies and is responsible for the overall vision of the company and the standards by which it operates. She holds licenses in several industries nationwide including Health and Life Insurance.

Prior to starting Omni Managed Health, Inc. in 1994, Barbara received her B.A. degree in Political Science from Hofstra University and her J.D. degree from Cardoza School of Law. Though she never pursued a career in law, she considers her educational background a linchpin to her success in her chosen field.

Barbara worked tirelessly with her husband Jerry to establish Omni and grow it into the thriving family of companies that it is today. She is most proud of the cohesive team that she has assembled and their shared commitment to caring for their clients with personal service.

Barbara is an active member of her community and involved in serving civic and local business needs. She takes great pride in having The Omni Companies main headquarters located in the heart of Brooklyn.

Barbara resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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